Direct-Mail Distribution

Whether you’re looking for new customers or want to connect with loyal ones, let us help you target and launch a successful Direct-Mail campaign.

Our team takes care of all details for your Direct-Mail marketing campaign from graphic design, printing, sorting, packing, labeling and distribution through Canada Post.

“We are more than happy to share with you our marketing knowledge and experience as well as would love to hear your marketing ideas. We’ll work together to achieve your goal..”

Neighborhood Unaddressed Admail

It’s really good to introduce your business and remind your brand, services and products – offer coupon, discount or promotion – in specific area.

Send your marketing message (postcard, flyer, etc…) into every home, apartment and business in specific neighbourhood or region.

You can use geographic and demographic data. You may choose between one of the following options to find your target area:

  • Postal Code – Select one, two or several postal codes. (First 3 digits)
  • Distance from your location – Identify your required distance (KM) from your business location.
  • Custom Area – Indicate the surrounding streets of the area. (North, South, East, & West)

The approximate cost of Neighborhood Direct-Mail is 20¢/mail
Feel free to contact us for more details.

Personalized Admail

It’s suitable to send your message to your existing customers for greetings, special offers, support loyalty, cross-sell initiatives, introduce new product or services, etc…

Connect one-on-one with customers; Make them feel valued with a personalized direct mail piece they’re more likely to open.

We can help you to manage existing name and address of your clients for designing and printing variable data on your direct-mail item, so your client will receive your marketing message (postcard, flyer, letter, etc…) with their own name and address on it.

The approximate cost of Personalized Direct-Mail is 60¢/mail
Feel free to contact us for more details.

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